OCHO – D8 Gummies – 25mg/piece (30ct pouch)


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Each tasty gummy weighs 2.2g and is infused with either 25mg or 50mg distillate from hemp!

Each resealable pouch contains 30 vegan gummies in four awesome assorted flavors:
Sour Apple, Pina Colada, Raspberry, Orange Cream.

When it’s time to unwind and take the edge off the day, these are perfect for a vacation into relaxation.

Say goodbye to stress, tension and all the other bad stuff because this is the good stuff that’ll put you in a chill, elevated state of mind.


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Our D8 Flower

OCHOxs delta 8 flower is ten steps above and ahead of the rest. The delta 8 is infused without ANY cutting agents — just pure distillate. Most of the other D8 flower is tainted with cutting agents like alcohol that are used to disperse delta8 distillate onto the hemp flower.

We Test Everything

Safety is priority one, period. It has to be. There are a lot of sketchy players in the D8 game right now that are here for one night and a fast buck. OCHOxs is here to stay. We utilize full third-party testing for purity so you can relax your mind with peace of mind.

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Customer Support

Do OCHOxs D8 products improve your life? We'd love to hear about it! The same goes if there's something you think we could do better. Check out our contact us page and reach out with your questions, concerns, and feedback.

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